Nutrition…. Did our ancestors actually have it right after all?

It wasn’t broke!!

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  My husband has told me this quite a few times.  I tend to be an over-thinker. Is there a better way that I could _____  (fill in the blank)? While I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad habit to have, there is the possibility that I could mess up an already good thing.  I might break something trying to fix it when it wasn’t broken to begin with. I believe this is what happened to our nutrition several decades ago.

If you ask 100 people what the natural diet of a lion is, you’d get pretty much the same answer out of the majority of people, “Other animals.”  Their natural diet won’t cause them to be obese or diseased. The same holds true for sharks, birds and bugs. They go on instinct. This is simply how nature works.  Animals eat according to the plan that promotes their survival; all mammals do, except for humans….

Animals have diets and people do diets.

When a person says “I eat healthy,” or “I watch what I eat,” what does that mean?  Does she follow the My Plate food guide, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Fruitarian, Raw, Paleo or Ketogenic diet?  Or maybe he is on Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

The natural diet of humans has become confused.  There’s not one definite moment that

redefined our eating but rather a multitude of different incidents.  And this cascade of events has caused our nation and parts of our world to be the sickest (with non-infectious diseases) in history.

Slowly over the past 100 years natural foods were altered to extend their shelf life, lower fat content and enrich with vitamins and minerals that were damaged during processing.   “Science-based” manufactured foods replaced natural foods because, scientifically, they were “healthier” plus the convenience and ease of meal preparation took the place of slow-cooked, traditional care that went into feeding the family.

Eventually, these new introductions to our meals became staples in the home.  Cheerios replaced bacon and eggs, creamy butter was substituted with “Smart Butter” and some sort of bread was served at every meal.  Steaks were trimmed of “heart-clogging” fat, chicken breasts were skinned and turkey bacon zapped in the microwave was the only way to eat meat.

This brings us to our present health condition.  Obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are in epidemic proportions.  There are to date over 80 identified autoimmune diseases; 50 years ago whoever heard of an autoimmune disease??

We tried to fix something years ago that wasn’t broken and paid the price.  We’ve lost our way when it comes to eating; some of us have just given up. This week eggs are bad, next week they’re okay, but only the whites… or is it the yolks… or was it the ones in the carton?

Luckily we can turn this sinking ship around.  That’s where ancestral nutrition comes in.

Ancestral Eating

(What it is and what it isn’t)

Don’t panic.  Ancestral eating is not foraging for your own food like our hunter-gatherer ancestors did (unless this is your thing).

Ancestral eating is also not a “diet” of measuring and weighing food, counting calories, carbohydrates, fats or protein – rules that have to be stuck to or your whole “diet” is blown.

Ancestral eating is, very simply, eating real, nourishing foods that are properly prepared and consumed in amounts that work for your body.  Ancestral eating is intuitive, not restrictive; healing, not degenerating.  Ancestral eating is the foundation to living a vibrant, healthy life.

Stay with me over the next several weeks as I dive more into the nuts and bolts of the what’s and why’s, the do’s and don’ts.  What you learn may be quite surprising. It certainly was for me.

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