Yoga Lessons

Private Lessons

Group classes are good, but they’re geared toward the masses.  A private lesson is focused solely on you; taught at your pace and to your ability level.

Yoga, practiced correctly, not only strengthens the body and increases flexibility, it improves stamina, reduces stress and improves anxiety.  But did you know that a regular yoga practice has been shown to reduce chronic pain?

Yoga is a personal experience that’s so much more than “getting into a pose.”  Yoga should be accessible to everyone, at every level. I teach a modified Ashtanga-style yoga (set sequence) that incorporates props to encourage proper alignment.

The wonderful benefit of this is that you can take your practice anywhere.  You’ll no longer have to find a class that fits your schedule. Your yoga sequence is yours – developed and adapted just for you.

My yoga credentials include a RYT-200 certification through YogaWorks and 300 plus hours of continuing education credits ; I study, assist, and am mentored under Jennifer Pierotti, an accomplished and certified YogaWorks, E-RYT 500 and YACEP yoga teacher in Las Vegas, NV.

$80 – In home

$60 – Virtual

Group Classes:

Mysore (Assistant teacher):

TruFusion Blue Diamond
4750 Blue Diamond Rd.
Las Vegas, NV  89139
Monday 3:45-5:45

Dear Stephanie,

Just a quick note of thanks for taking me on as a private Yoga student! Even though I haven’t done any regular exercise in several years, and am in my mid/late 50’s!

Thank You so much for patiently encouraging me. I am amazed at how you can guide and help me improve a posture. A slight adjustment makes a world of difference! It’s also cool that you can relate to me, when I struggle with a pose or have questions.

You have been open and honest with the difficult time you had with different parts of your own practice. So happy to have you in my life. Helping me move in a positive direction with my health!

Jane L. , Grosse Pointe, MI